Dynamic Design Solutions, Inc.



Dynamic Design Solutions was created to fill the need for a reliable and high quality source for auxiliary anodes with the specialization in IrO2 coatings.  

With countless uses for IrO2 coatings, we are sure that we can help improve your plating production.

Customer Service

Customer Service


We take immense pride in driving customer service standards forward, focusing on efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction. 

Our fabricated and IrO2 coated parts are an essential part of your plating process - you can rely on our work to keep you running.


 Dynamic Design Solutions, Inc. has become synonymous with the highest quality IrO2 coating and metal fabrication shop thanks to our quality products, services and ability to meet our customer's needs.  


Industries Served


  • Chrome Plating
  • Automotive
  • Water Oxygenation
  • Heat Treating
  • Electro-Galvanizing
  • Architectural

Fabrication Services


  • Machine Milling
  • Welding - Tig, Ti
  • ​Small Blasting Jobs
  • Metal Work Tables
  • Anode Baskets
  • Metal Racks​



  • Trivalent 
  • Auxiliary
  • ​Lead
  • Brand New Design 
  • Repairs